Gay Happiness Monitor Project

Between December 2014 and February 2015, we, together with the dating site, asked all members of their community to take part in an online survey. The aim of the survey was to investigate gay, bisexual and trans* men’s perception of gay-related public opinion as well as their internalized homonegativity, life satisfaction and their individual experiences of public behavior, anti-gay statements, discrimination, violence and much more.


Over 115,000 men took part in the survey. In consequence, it is one of the largest surveys on the well-being of gay men that has ever been conducted. Notably the issue of perceived gay-related public opinion has never been investigated before with such a big intercultural sample.


Now, a first results overview can be downloaded on this page. Please click on the image to download the full report. An interactive website with results can be found at:


For further information please contact Richard Lemke.